Circuit Breaker Rebuild

Artist concept of the final build at Molyullah.

Circuit Breaker is our six-week live-in rehabilitation program based in Molyullah, near Benalla. The current site buildings are charming but no longer meet our needs. We have raised money to expand the current facilities which will increase the number of beds we can offer, and also increase the length of time people can stay for.

To minimise disruption on site, we have chosen to use modular buildings which will be built offsite and transported to Circuit Breaker when complete. Modscape have been selected as our builders and are currently building the modules in Braybrook, Melbourne. The installation of the modular buildings is planned for mid-year. 

This will expand our program from 15 beds to 35 beds and will include major upgrades to our facilities. The extra beds will allow us to continue to offer the commonwealth funded short-term residential program, as well as some new, state funded, longer-term residential programs. While anyone across the state will be able to access treatment at Circuit Breaker, priority will be given to the local community.

As part of the expansion, we will harvest rainwater which should supply up to 70% of the water needs. We are also hoping to install a large solar system in the future to make the site more sustainable. 

Thank you to everyone who donated funds to assist with the costs for fitting out as well as furnishing the new buildings. This has been very helpful, but more is needed. If you would like to donate you can do so here.