Kids in Focus is a specialist child and family support program that provides a range of intensive services for families affected by parental alcohol and other drug problems. The program aims to identify and address both the needs of the parents and their children. KIF provides outreach case management providing evidenced based interventions for highly vulnerable families.

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About the program

From 2002 to 2009 Odyssey House Victoria undertook two projects to develop models of care for families where parents had a substance use problem. The resulting model is a family centred approach that emphasises the safety and wellbeing of children in addition to parenting and family support. The success of the two projects led to Odyssey House Victoria being awarded the contract to provide the Kids in Focus (KIF) services.

As part of this program we provide access to a Financial Counsellor who will provide information, advice and advocacy if you’re in financial difficulty.

Kids in Focus is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services and we provide this service free of charge. Odyssey House Victoria is committed to child safety and is a child safe organisation. 

Target group

  • Parents who have current or past substance dependence problems.
  • Parents with children in their care or working towards reunification.
  • Parents with one or more children between the ages of 0-13.


  • Information and support
  • Home based parenting education and support.
  • Counselling and case management
  • Recreational and therapeutic groups for children and their families
  • Child and family activities to enhance social connections.
  • Facilitated access to rehabilitation.
  • Financial Counselling
  • Antenatal care through our partnership with the Royal Women’s Hospital
  • WADS program.
  • Post-natal follow up and support.
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Capacity building and services for professionals

The KIF program offers secondary consultation though telephone advice and support, providing assistance with information, skills development and problem solving. Opportunities also exist for professional development and training.

The KODY project: Building caring & connected families.

A FREE program to support fathers to improve their parenting, reduce family violence and address substance use concerns; to enhance their family’s safety and wellbeing. Our team provides specialist support while fathers participate in the KODY Caring Dads program and AOD counselling, while parents and their children have the opportunity to work with Kids in Focus.

KODY is a partnership between Kids First & Odyssey House Victoria.

KODY – Caring Dads program 

A program to help fathers who have used violence, to improve and repair their relationships with their children. Caring Dads supports child-centred parenting practices and a reduction in controlling, abusive and neglectful parenting to enhance the safety and wellbeing of children. It seeks to develop fathers’ ability to engage in respectful, non-abusive parenting with the mothers of their children. Fathers will participate in AOD counselling alongside the Caring Dads program as part of the KODY project.

Learn more about Caring Dads > 
Learn more about the KODY project > 

For more information about The KODY Project please complete the below form and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

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To complete a referral, please download a PDF form and fill it out digitally or physically and either email or fax to 9425 9537.

Contact Kids in Focus

Phone: (03) 9420 7600
Fax: (03) 9425 9537

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