The Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program (DDDBCP) is approved by VicRoads under the Road Safety Act 1986. Odyssey House is one of a number of providers approved by VicRoads to deliver Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change programs. For more information about VicRoads DDDBCP programs and relicensing follow please click here.

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We offer the following programs:

  • Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program
  • Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program (Female only group)
  • Intensive Drink/Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program

We are currently not running the Drink Drive Programs or Pre-Interlock Removal Programs. Please visit the VicRoads site for a list of alternative providers.

Please note: Programs are conducted in English and we are unable to accommodate interpreters and translators. If you believe that you require additional support in completing a behaviour change program, please contact VicRoads and DO NOT book in. Also, please note that family, friends or carers are not permitted in any of the programs.


Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program

  • Conducted over two consecutive weeks
  • Two group sessions
  • Participants are advised by letter from VicRoads about the program the need to undertake

Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program (Female only group)

Odyssey is offering a women’s-only Drug Behaviour Change Program, open to anyone who identifies as female (including cis or transgender). This will be of benefit to those who would feel more confident / comfortable sharing their experiences, feelings, and goals in an all-female environment. Programs will be led by female facilitators. Please contact the Program Coordinator if you have any further questions, or book below.

Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program

  • Conducted over four consecutive weeks
  • Weeks 1, 3 and 4 are group sessions. Week 2 is a one-to-one appointment with the program facilitator
  • Participants are advised by letter from VicRoads about the program the need to undertake
  • Some participants may need to complete an Interlock Removal Program. Refer to the  information below about Interlock / Pre-Interlock Removal bookings

Other programs

Pre-Interlock Removal Program

If you committed a drink-driving or alcohol related offence that requires you to complete an Intensive Drink and Drug Driver Program, you’ll also need to complete a 2-hour Pre-Interlock Removal Program before you are eligible to have your alcohol interlock licence condition removed.

This program is completed in the last month of your removal of the alcohol interlock condition and prior to applying to have your alcohol interlock licence condition removed. You must present an interlock report of the last six months, showing no violations.

Cost: $200 (no concession price available).

(Please note: We are currently not running this Program)

Interlock Exemption Interview

If you have a drink driving offence that was committed prior to October 2014, you may be eligible to apply to VicRoads for an exemption from the alcohol Interlock condition prior to being relicensed. Odyssey House conducts the interview required as part of that application process.

Cost: $200 (no concession price available).
How to book: You can arrange this as part of your Intensive Program with the facilitator of your program.

Delivery locations

Currently, we offer Behaviour Change Programs at two locations:

  • Footscray at the North West Metro AOD Service (Level 1, 202 Nicholson St, Footscray)
  • Richmond at the Studio 1 Community Hub (15 Barnet Way, Richmond)

We are planning to offer programs from additional metropolitan locations in the future, when that occurs we will list the additional locations here.


We cannot reserve your place in a Program until you make full payment. We ask that participants pay their entire course fee in advance via card, online or over the phone.  To discuss, contact the Coordinator on (03) 8537 7115 or 0468 514 183.


ProgramFull FeeConcession Fee
Standard Behaviour Change Program
(2 Sessions)

Includes $67 VicRoads Program Recovery Fee


Includes $34 VicRoads Program Recovery Fee

Intensive Behaviour Change Program
(4 Sessions)

Includes $67 VicRoads Program Recovery Fee


Includes $34 VicRoads Program Recovery Fee

Pre-Interlock Removal Program
(1 Session)

Conditions of attendance

  • Participants are to provide the VicRoads letter that confirms the need to attend a Behaviour Change Program. If you did not receive a letter from VicRoads, please contact them on 1300 723 790 or to obtain your letter.
  • Provide photographic ID that identifies you and your current address, as registered with VicRoads. If you need to bring additional evidence to demonstrate your identity and current address, please read VicRoads’ standards of acceptable identity documents.
  • Provide evidence of being Fully Vaccinated against COVID
  • Adhere to all COVID safe procedures at our sites.
  • Attend and participate unaffected by alcohol or other drugs and adhere to the no smoking requirements at our sites.
  • Attend on time – check the commencement times advertised for each session and allow time for travel and for checking concessions if applicable. If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the session commencement time, you will not be admitted to the session and your booking will need to be rescheduled. This may result in extra cost to you.
  • You must attend all sessions to complete the program. If you miss a group session and/or cancel, this may result in forfeiting fees paid or may result in additional costs to you.
  • It is expected that all participants contribute to a safe and inclusive therapeutic environment.
  • Disruptive and aggressive behaviour is not acceptable and will result in expulsion from the group.
  • We request that all participants respect the rights and privacy of other group members and do not disclose personal information of other group members to people outside of the program (particularly information that would identify people, such as names).
  • If you require an interpreter or need any additional support, you must notify us as soon as possible, before the program begins. Failure to do this, could result in not being suitably ready for the program and assessed as not able to participate. In this case, you will forfeit your costs.
  • Cancellations and Refunds Policy

    The BCPs are in high demand and there are non-refundable fees which apply to all program cancellations. These are:

    $50 Administration Fee
    $67 VicRoads Recovery Fee ($34 Concession)

    You must advise us of your need to cancel your place in a program at least 5 business days before the commencement of your first session to be able to receive a refund (total fees paid minus the non-refundable fees detailed above). If you fail to inform us of the cancellation with less than 5 business days’ notice before the first session, you will forfeit all fees paid unless you can demonstrate documented evidence of your unforseen absence (eg. a medical certificate). Consider if you need to cancel your place or transfer to another session (see Transfers Policy below.)

    Transfers Policy

    Please note that your payment is a reservation only for the program dates you have booked.  We expect that you will attend the dates advertised for each program. If you wish to transfer your booking to other dates as advertised, you must advise us of this more than 5 business days before the commencement of the first session. Transfers will only be allowed where there are vacancies available in alternative programs and you provide us with sufficient notice to make arrangements for replacement participants in the program. With sufficient notice (more than 5 business days) we will accept your request without charge. Transfers requested with less than 5 business days’ notice, may result in you forfeiting your fees paid, unless you can provide documented evidence of your unforeseen absence requirement (eg. a medical certificate).

    Participants may not switch a date of their sessions of their booked program without providing documented evidence of their unforeseen absence requirement (e.g. a medical certificate). If you have attended the first session and need to transfer another session to a later date, and can provide documented evidence, you will incur an additional transfer fee of $150. We will only grant these types of transfers where there are vacancies in future sessions and these transfers do not disadvantage other participants. If you cannot attend any sessions and do not advise us in advance, you will forfeit all fees paid.

    Communication with VicRoads

    Odyssey House Victoria will provide information to VicRoads and to the courts in relation to your completion of the Behaviour Change Program and any referral recommendations our facilitators make. We will collect and use your information for the purposes of our internal reports and for any VicRoads Program evaluation processes.

    Interstate offences

    Participants who are required by an interstate court or statutory authority to complete a drug awareness/education/behaviour change program should first contact VicRoads on 1300 310 607 to check their eligibility and ascertain whether the Behaviour Change Program we offer is right for them. They may also wish to contact the interstate court or statutory authority to confirm whether they will accept a certificate of completion for a Victorian Behaviour Change Program.

    Magistrates Court & Licence Eligibility Orders

    The Magistrates’ Court also hears applications for licence eligibility orders for people who have been disqualified from obtaining a licence for offences such as drink and/or drug driving. Click here for more information.

    Make a booking

    Drug BCP

    DatesTimeLocationSpots LeftClick to enrol
    Monday 25/07/22 &
    Monday 01/08/22
    1:00pm to 4:30pmFootscray7 Enrol

    Drug BCP

    (Female only group)

    DatesTimeLocationSpots LeftClick to enrol
    Friday 22/07/22 &
    Friday 29/07/22
    11:00am to 2:30pmFootscray6 Enrol

    Intensive Drink and Drug BCP

    DatesTimesLocationSpots LeftClick to enrol
    07/07/22 to 28/07/22Week 1: Thursday 07/07/22 1:30pm-5:00pm
    Week 2: Thursday 14/07/22 - One on One appointment
    Week 3: Thursday 21/07/22 1:30pm-5:00pm
    Week 4: Thursday 28/07/22 1:30pm-5:00pm
    Footscray3 Enrol
    15/07/22 to 05/08/22Week 1: Friday 15/07/22 1:00pm-4:30pm
    Week 2: Friday 22/07/22 - One on One appointment
    Week 3: Friday 29/07/22 1:00pm-4:30pm
    Week 4: Friday 05/08/22 1:00pm-4:30pm
    Footscray6 Enrol
    19/07/22 to 09/08/22Week 1: Tuesday 19/07/22 2:30pm-6:00pm
    Week 2: Tuesday 26/07/22 - One on One appointment
    Week 3: Tuesday 02/08/22 2:30pm-6:00pm
    Week 4: Tuesday 09/08/22 2:30pm-6:00pm
    Footscray6 Enrol
    27/07/22 to 17/08/22Week 1: Wednesday 27/07/22 9:30am-1:00pm
    Week 2: Wednesday 03/08/22 - One on One appointment
    Week 3: Wednesday 10/08/22 9:30am-1:00pm
    Week 4: Wednesday 17/08/22 9:30am-1:00pm
    Footscray6 Enrol

    Pre-Interlock Removal

    Currently no programs

    Please visit VicRoads website for an alternative provider

    COVID Information

    Odyssey is keen to ensure our DDDBCP participants can complete their programs in a safe way. Please be assured that all our facilitators and staff have up to date COVID vaccination status and our face to face sessions will be provided in spaces that enable the maintenance of social distancing and that air quality will be monitored throughout program sessions. Please note the following:

    • If you are unwell or have symptoms of cold, fever, coughing, sneezing or headaches, you must not attend our offices or sites. Your health and safety and that of our staff are our top priority.
    • In line with the directives of the Victorian State Government and Odyssey House Victoria’s COVID safe plans, you will be required to provide evidence of your vaccination status prior to or on the day of your program. You must be at least double vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, please contact our Program Coordinator to discuss the best way we can help you complete your program.
    • Our staff take all precautionary measures to ensure that our facilities and equipment are cleaned and sanitised constantly. All facilities and equipment will be cleaned and sanitised before and after your program sessions.
    • Odyssey House Behaviour Change Program staff take regular Rapid Antigen Tests prior to and after all sessions.
      We also recommend that participants take regular Rapid Antigen Tests prior to and after all sessions.
    • Those who cannot attend their scheduled program because of ill health for any reason will need to provide medical certificate as per our cancellations, transfers and refunds policy.

    Feedback, evaluation and complaints

    All participants are offered the opportunity to provide feedback via completing an evaluation form at the conclusion of your Behaviour Change Program. Your feedback is confidential and is collated by Odyssey House and is used to inform improved services. It is also provided to VicRoads as part of Odyssey’s reporting requirements. If you wish to give a compliment, raise a concern or register a complaint then you may contact the Odyssey House DDDBCP Account Executive directly on (03) 8537 7111.

    Or you can complete feedback online using the form below.

    Feedback form
    1 Step 1
    Contact details

    You do not have to provide your name or contact details. Anonymous feedback is also welcomed, and will be taken seriously.

    Would you like a response to your feedback?
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    What happens next

    Odyssey House Victoria is committed to responding to all feedback in an appropriate manner.

    Complaints: Complaints are taken seriously, and will be investigated carefully and sensitively. Clients are kept informed of the process, and a formal response, such as a letter, email or telephone call will be received (if requested).

    Suggestions: Suggestions are often used to help staff improve amenities, procedures and services. If there is an element of complaint, and some contact detail is provided, suggestions will often also receive a formal response.

    Compliments: We are always grateful for compliments, and are careful to pass them onto all relevant staff members.


    Alternatively, feedback, compliments and complaints of your experience with the DDDBCP may also be provided directly to VicRoads by following this link or call VicRoads on 1300 310 607.

    Contact Drink and Drug Driver BCP

    Phone: (03) 8537 7115 or 0468 514 183

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