The Circuit Breaker program provides a six-week, live-in rehabilitation program in north-east Victoria for people affected by alcohol and other drug addiction and associated mental health issues. The program accommodates 15 adults and aims to help people end the chaos associated with a substance dependant lifestyle.

In 2023 the program will substantially change to accommodate up to 35 residents, with an extended program.

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Information Sessions for Residential Rehabilitation Admission

Face to face information sessions are commencing from Tuesday 4th July 2023, for individuals seeking details on entering residential rehabilitation in any of our three Therapeutic Communities (Lucknow, Mollyullah and Lower Plenty).

The information sessions are open to everyone (including friends and loved ones) and do not need to be booked. They are held at our Head Office at 660 Bridge Road, Richmond every Tuesday at 2pm for one hour. Coffee & Tea will be provided, and the sessions will cover: 

  • A Day in the Life at Resi Rehab at Odyssey House Victoria
  • Rules and requirements
  • Information about our facilities
  • Referral pathways & documentation required
  • Q & A.

For any queries about the information sessions please contact Rosario Campione on 9420 7647 or 0481 478 499.

If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or have had a COVID positive result less than 5 days beforehand, please contact us before attending any appointments or sessions so we can discuss other options to provide you with the necessary care and support.

About the program

All participants are encouraged to confront the underlying issues that led to their addiction. This occurs in a safe and supportive environment where Odyssey House’s values of trust, concern, respect, honesty and love are promoted.

The program provides a balance between work, therapy and recreation. Each resident has access to a variety of professional staff including many who have a lived experience of addiction and/or overcoming adversity.

All residents participate in community decision-making. They are also expected to contribute to the functioning of the community by cooking, cleaning and working on property development, special projects and maintenance. A variety of group-based activities help individuals learn new or better coping skills, build self-esteem and take responsibility for their circumstances.

Residential rehabilitation services at Benalla are smoke-free. All residents are provided with the option of free Nicotine Replacement Therapies as alternatives to tobacco or smoking, and to help support their withdrawal.

Family members can have regular contact and visits with program participants. The Odyssey House Circuit Breaker program is located at 1619 Kilfeera Road, Molyullah (near Benalla).

Fire Pit at Circuit Breaker
Exterior of Circuit Breaker
Exterior photo of Circuit Breaker
Exterior photo of Circuit Breaker
Edible Garden at Circuit Breaker
Chickens at Circuit Breaker
Pool at Circuit Breaker

“By the time I got to Odyssey I’d been everywhere else – jail, psych institutions, lost track of how many de-toxifications I went through… Nothing else worked. But something worked for me at Odyssey. I didn’t get it the first time but I got another chance, Circuit Breaker will give you another chance, and something just really clicked. It’s not easy but it was worth the effort. I learnt so much about myself and I also had a lot of fun even though I was working hard.” -Matt


Odyssey House Victoria’s rural residential rehabilitation program near Benalla is called Circuit Breaker. To access the Circuit Breaker program phone 03 5766 6399 to arrange a time for an over-the-phone assessment. If you are unable to speak directly with a staff member, please leave a message and they will get back to you.


The Circuit Breaker program is funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Health. Residents are expected to contribute toward program costs through their benefits or any other source of income (if available). The daily contribution varies, but from September 2023 it will approximately $40 per day.

Contact Circuit Breaker

Generel enquiries: (03) 5766 6399
Intake & Assessments: (03) 5766 6399
Fax: (03) 5766 6115

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    Odyssey House Victoria is a Therapeutic Community member

    ATCA Certified

    This certifies that Odyssey House Victoria has met requirements for certification of the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association Standard. We are proud to be a Certified Group Therapeutic Community Member 2017-2020.