Odyssey House Residential Rehabilitation programs are structured live-in programs for people who experience severe problems with alcohol and/or drug use, and their associated mental health issues.

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Odyssey House aims to assist people with drug and alcohol problems with an understanding that this requires change in a number of aspects of people’s lives. It is not simply about substance use.

Odyssey House’s residential rehabilitation programs comprise a group of people joined together for a single purpose – to improve their well-being. All members of the communities enter rehabilitation of their own accord and may leave at any time. Odyssey House has three residential rehabilitation communities – one in Lower Plenty, Melbourne; one near Benalla in North-East Victoria; and one in the East Gippsland region, near Bairnsdale. The communities have some basic rules (see right) that all members are required to observe to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome. Programs are individually determined and group therapy is a regular component. Residents are expected to actively participate in scheduled activities such as daily work functions, meetings, meals and group therapy.

We aim to help clients establish a life free from drug dependence and develop a productive and fulfilling life. This may mean change in how a person approaches life and negotiates the world – people may need assistance in managing emotional concerns; changing friendship circles; re-engaging in employment which might require training; developing interests in pro-social activities; repairing family relationships; and if children are involved, strengthening parenting practices and learning new approaches.

Odyssey House does not operate a detoxification or withdrawal program, but will support access to detoxification services and provide post-detoxification services. These changes cannot occur all at once and need to be integrated into a bigger plan that priorities each step on the road to recovery. The process is based upon goals developed during the assessment phase of the program. The development of goals is a collaborative process between the individual and the clinician and begins once an assessment is concluded. The goals are regularly reviewed and modified as necessary.

All of our residential services are now smoke-free. All residents are provided with the option of Nicotine Replacement Therapies or Champix as alternatives to tobacco or smoking, and to help support their withdrawal.

Program rules

  • No violence or threat of violence
  • No theft
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No sex
  • No unreported knowledge of these rules being broken

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