Research Coordinator (Richmond)

The central purpose of the Research Coordinator role is to further develop and support a culture within our organisation that more effectively links and promotes research with clinical practice, promoting evidence-based practice. It is intended to assist OHV to explore new treatment models and build research skills, within our teams with a particular focus on evaluations. The opportunity to lead and publish research according to the interests and skills of the successful candidate is encouraged.

Clinical Psychologist (Richmond)

We are seeking an experienced psychologist join this new team and kick-start our new service!
​​​​​As the Clinical Psychologist, you will apply your clinical knowledge and expertise to the assessment of clients with complex trauma, mental health, and substance misuse issues. 
Staff providing direct interventions and support to their clients will also lean on you for clinical advice.  

Duty Worker (Benalla)

This role will join a team of 7 other Duty Workers to oversee the operation of the program!

You will play an active role within a resident’s treatment by being the first point of contact and providing appropriate operational response to resident issues. You will work closely with other clinical and non-clinical staff to align the day-to-day operations as well work closely with the residents to foster therapeutic relationships.