We have successfully completed an 18-month pilot of a new AOD program called KickStart. This educational program helps participants to work out how their offending is associated with their use of AOD. It was developed in response to a need in providing a new treatment option for the high volume of men coming out of the corrections system. The program aims to break the cycle of AOD use and offending behaviour.

This service is delivered in a number of different ways. The first one is KickStart G42. This is a moderate to high intensity (42-hour) group-based treatment. It targets both substance use and offending. There is also a shorter, less intense version of the group that is a total of 24 hours, known as G24. This is for lower-risk drug use where participants have a lower risk of reoffending. 

Individual KickStart sessions, structured across 15 and eight hours, are also available. These are designed for offenders who are eligible for KickStart groups, but for whom group work is not suitable.

The ongoing success of this program will be dependent on a collaborative working relationship between our clinicians and corrections staff.