Dave Pate

After ten years of increasing drug and alcohol dependance, and surviving increasingly life threatening situations, I voluntarily entered Odyssey House Victoria’s Therapeutic Community (TC) in Lower Plenty in early 2007.   I graduated the program in mid 2009 after 2 and a half years as a resident.

Through the years of addiction and the associated behaviours, I had burned many bridges and relationships, but through Odyssey House, I rebuilt strong and supportive relationships with my family and friends, and learned to live a healthy, safe and productive life, contributing to the community.

Whilst a resident at Odyssey, I competed in the Young Achievement Australia Business Skills Program, and won the Australian Tertiary Mastercard Y.A.A Business Person of The Year Award in 2008, and appeared on Channel 10 at the televised Y.A.A national awards show in Sydney, and on Channel 9 News at the Odyssey House TC in Lower Plenty, helping to show the great opportunities for personal growth made possible through the program.

This amazing opportunity and experience at Odyssey House gave me the confidence and skills necessary to launch my own personal training business after graduating the program. I have now succesfully run this fitness business for almost 10 years.  I greatly enjoy helping my clients achieve their health and fitness goals in our dedicated fitness studio, Rock Solid Personal Training in Ringwood. 

Soon after graduating Odyssey, I won the ANB (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding) Under 90kg  Victorian Title in 2011, and continued to compete over several years whilst also building Rock Solid PT.   

Only my amazing growth experience at Odyssey House, and my success in the Y.A.A Program made the seemingly impossible, seem very possible to me.  I am now happily married to my partner of 7 years, Natalie, who is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. Natalie works at Malmsbury Youth Detention training and teaching. We live at home in Mitcham (with our 2 cats) and are planning on adding to the family soon.

I hope to give back to Odyssey House whenever and wherever possible, and hope that many more people in need can have access to the same opportunities for healing and personal growth that I was afforded.